Iron Concrete sissy or Iron ConcreteSNI Cakrasteel

Jakarta, 23 January 2013

Besi Beton Banci atau Besi Beton SNI Cakrasteel

Iron is an IMPORTANT aspect of the home and family as the place we gather together. To that end, QUALITY iron should be prioritized because it involves aspects of the safety of the people we love. Often found around us especially when buying an iron, iron heard some concrete terms. Among other "iron sissy" and "iron Full".

Iron sissy?
Pansy iron (in the industry known as non-standard iron) is the term for iron circulating in the market / shop building that is around us. The FACT that there is a discrepancy in iron include:
- Diversion of smaller diameter compared with the tolerance set by the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).
- The second deviation is a deviation in the length of the iron is shorter than 12 meters (in accordance with IEC Standards) but still considered to have a length of 12 meters.
- Mixing of uncontrolled chemical composition on the results of the characteristics resulting mechanical (tensile strength, flexural strength and yield strength) are not well controlled.

Full Iron?
While iron is a term full market / shop stating that the size of the diameter according to its name. But keep in mind that a lot of FACTS Full iron circulating in the market is still too effeminate despite SNI.

How to Iron CS?
CS is a ferrous iron produced by PT. Jakarta Cakratunggal Steel Mills by SURE GUARANTEES product specifications meet the requirements of SNI 07-2052-2002 on concrete reinforcing steel. The guarantees provided include suitability diameter, length, chemical composition and mechanical characteristics of a very controlled.

Then, How to Recognize Iron CS.?
Below, are some of the steps in recognizing iron CS:
- There is embossed on every meter of concrete iron CS CS format - Diameter Iron - SNI - Characteristics of Iron. This is one of the iron CS quality assurance that every 1 meter of iron CS meets ISO standards in accordance with the characteristics of the iron posted at CS.

- How to distinguish the ordinary weight:
> Cut your example iron rod with a certain length (ex: 10 cm).
> Then, weigh heavy iron pieces.
> The result gained weight divided by the weighted long iron.
> Compare the division with heavy iron table CS.
> If the weight of the weighing results are included in the Standard allowable tolerances, the iron has a diameter suitability. If the iron is not included in the allowable tolerances Standard, the iron is iron sissy.