Supervisor Officer Standards Training Goods and se

Jakarta, 4 January 2013

Pelatihan Petugas Pengawas Standar Barang dan jasa

In order to improve the efficiency of the product and launched a National or International trade in the era of globalization, free market, employers and producers in the form of goods or services required to use the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

Follow up of the Minister of Industry Regulation No. 86/M-IND/PER/9/2009 Chapter IV Inspection SNI / ST, Center of Standardization Agency for the Assessment Policy, Climate and Industrial Quality Supervisor Officer Training Standards organized Goods and Services in Factory (PPSP).

PPSP event took place on June 2 - May 6, 2011 at Cipayung which was attended by 25 participants, the agenda includes regulations IEC materials in Industrial, Application of electronic products SNI, SNI concrete reinforcing steel, and so on.

As a speaker / speaker training address is: Director of Industrial Electronics and Telematics. Leading-based High Technology, Basic Materials Metals Industry Director. Manufacturing Industry Base, Head of Center for Material and Technical Bandung, Head of Center for Metal and Machine Bandung, Director of PT. Jakarta Cakratunggal Steel Mills, Director of PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia, Head of Infrastructure Standards, Center for Standardization, Implementation and Co-Head of Standards, Center for Standardization.
It is an honor for PT Jakarta Cakratunggal Steel Mills are always committed to the SNI given the opportunity to be the resource represented by Mr. Martin as speaker Handy accompanied by father and father Dipargo Octovianus submit material of concrete Reinforcing Steel Process according SNI (SNI 07-2052-2002) and simulation weigh heavily reinforced concrete.