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PT JAKARTA CAKRATUNGGAL STEEL MILLS is a domestic owned company founded in 1989. The factory occupies an area of 14.8 hectares and was built in three phases.

The first phase was the establishment of Rolling Mill no.1 in June 1992, followed by starting up the Melting Shop in December 1992 and Rolling Mill no.2 in July 1993. Since the installation and commissioning of all its production units, PT Jakarta Cakratunggal Still Mills has been successful in penetrating both domestic and international markets.

Since the company was established, PT Jakarta Cakratunggal Steel Mills has already committed itself to deliver the range and quality of concrete reinforcement bars that conform to the national and international standard specifications required by its customers.


The best because of quality


Reach 1 million ton standard iron production by making the process efficient, safe, and environment friendly.


  1. Providing high-quality standard iron
  2. Work with "customer satisfaction" orientation
  3. Do "ongoing improvement" to give extra value
  4. Creating green environment using K3L management
  5. Do business by implementing the right company management


  1. Realizing the vision with full integrity
  2. Keep improving consistently
  3. Working together as a family to reach the goal

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