Mechanical Properties

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Mechanical Properties

Absolute Minimum And Maximum Values Of Tensile Properties

B500A B500B B500C B500A B500B B500C
YS, MPa 485 485 485 650 650 650
TS/YS 1.03a 1.06 1.13 N/A N/A 1.38
Agt, % 2.0b 4.0 6.0 N/A N/A N/A
  1. 01 for sizes below 8mm
  2. 0.8 for sizes below 8mm

Characteristic Tensile Properties

Yield Strength, Re MPa

Tensile/Yield Strength ratio Rm/Re Total elongation at maximum force, Agt %
B 500 A 500 1.05a 2.5b
B 500 B 500 1.08 5.0
B 500 C 500 >1.15, <1.35 7.5

Rm/Re characteristic is 1.02 for size below 8mm.
Agt characteristic is 1.0% for size below 8mm
Values of Re specified are characteristic with p=0.95
Values of Rm/Re and Agt specfied are characteristics with p=0.90
Calculated the values of Rm and Re using the nomina cross section area.

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